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is a writer, comedian, and performer in Los Angeles. Most know him as a co-host of the comedy podcast Gilmore Guys, and he currently co-hosts the musical comedy podcast Punch Up the Jam. He was a digital producer on Comedy Central's @midnight, and has written for The New YorkerThe GuardianPitchfork, MarvelCartoon Network, MTV, and The Late Late Show with James Corden, as well as episodes of the Marvel TV series New Warriors and an episode of NBC's The Good Place. He co-hosts the monthly comedy show Everything’s Great at Dynasty Typewriter in LA. This very nice photograph was taken by Sela Shiloni.



The Good Place   – Season 1, Episode 10

The Good Place – Season 1, Episode 10



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SELECTED songs from
Punch Up The Jam

my favorite songs i've rewritten/composed from my podcast Punch Up The Jam, where we rewrite and re-edit musical hits after discussing them ad nauseum (this is just of the first 40 songs– all songs now available for download on our Patreon)